Our Educational program

In our daycare we use the government of Quebec’s educational child care program, entitled: Accueillir la petite enfance. We chose this program because it’s complete and corresponds to our values. In brief, child development is a comprehensive process that calls on several dimensions. However, each dimension comes into play to varying degrees, according to what the child is learning and the activities in which he or she is engaging. Each day, a variety of activities are proposed to ensure their global development.

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Physical and motor dimension

What better way for our children to release energy by running, climbing and dancing? With a solid frame work of ensuring they have fun; your child can participate in activities While developing physical motor skills.

Cognitive dimension

This encompasses several critical elements in the development of your child. To ensure your child develops adequate aptitudes, our goal is to develop the ability to recognize different concepts such as reflection reasoning, creativity, associations, experimentations, assembling, etc.

Language dimension

In order to help your child develop language skills while having fun at the same time, we ensure during the activities the child interacts with others by getting involved in singing, reciting nursery rhymes, storytelling, and many other activities that will enrich their development

Social-Emotional and moral dimension

The social and moral skills of your child will follow them throughout their lives impacting their relationships with others. To help them develop all the necessary skills required, we encourage making choices, problem solving, make lasting connections with educators and friends, autonomy, and expressing feelings and needs