about our daycare

We are an all inclusive daycare. We furnish sun block, acetaminophen, wet baby wipe, layers, cream for baby's buttock, bed lining and covers as well as tissues. We offer breakfast, 2 snacks and a complete meal for lunch. Through the daily routine we ensure that your infant receives all the nurturing and attention that he or she needs to develop healthy limbs, muscles and brains as well as social and language skills.

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Meals and snacks

At L’Ocean Bleu daycare no need to run.

At our day care, the well being of your child is our number one priority, while being conscious of your needs also. We are aware of your busy schedules therefore we offer breakfast, lunch and two snacks every day. Our chef is happy to prepare for your child complete nutritious meals which will give them the necessary energy to function all day.

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Our educational program

Our program is based on harmonized development targeting especially on evolution of their capabilities, motor skills, cognitive, language, social-emotional and moral dimensions by using play time as a learning mechanism.

In our daycare we use the government of Quebec’s educational child care program, entitled: Accueillir la petite enfance. In order to stimulate the learning abilities of your child, we use our competences combined with our imagination and creativity, to present different games and activities daily.

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